muammar al gaddafi:

girl got style. 

I mean look at this chick. Chin up, chest out, cinch that waist and WORK. No one, seriously, not even Richard Simmons could make an oversized button up with a print of Africa look so fierce. B*tch got style.

So yes, we all know it, Colonel Gaddafi is cook-a-doo. That being said, sometimes being a few porn stars short of a Charlie Sheen Rehab facility is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to fashion. Let’s be real here. Lacroix = crazy. Donatella = crazy. John Galliano = crazy. See a trend here? Maybe this whole corrupt world leader is just a set up for the future Haus of Gaddafi? Below is history in photos of some of Lady Gaddafi’s wildest fashion moments. Enjoy.

– brother

Totally on point with the mancessories trend. And what man could say no to peach chiffon sleeves? 

My fair lady meets high school year book. Eat your heart out Eliza Doolittle. 

just out from his audition for “California Raisins: the movie”. This is how you turn up the volume.

Obama is pissed. Michelle forgot to pack his star spangled mumu. Pattern on pattern? So miu miu of you. 

Bedazzled headband. Beguiled facial expression. Move over Mischa Barton.

Cellophane couture. Look cool, stay fresh.

Forget Kate Middleton, Gadaffi was Sarah Burton’s original muse.

A huge Travolta fan, Gadaffi sports his traditional Scientology baptismal frock. 


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2 Responses to muammar al gaddafi:

  1. Jo says:

    Seriously pissing my pants over this post. SO FUNNY! Yet, so true!

  2. JT says:

    Brilliantly funny. This post almost needs its own soundtrack. Great work.

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