paul smith. swim.

that’s it. 

Imagine it. Crystal clear water, white sand beach, an ice cold bottle of mexican coke – straw floating and bobbing as you stroll along – no cell phone, no worry, no place better than this. It’s the image that burns in my brain every time the sun outside my office window starts to show itself. Summer is here people, and that imaginary world is yours to seize. Don’t be the foolish office drone that thinks their too busy to take time off. Time on, is spent getting to time off. Right? Paul Smith has made a collection of swimwear that puts the exclamation point at the end of a much anticipated sentence. 

Full of classic shapes, shorter hems and brighter colors and patterns, this line is perfect for that fantasy island adventure. As with everything PS does, the quality is high and the details are appreciated. For example, his trunks have that slit pocket at the front just big enough to fit a hotel room key or a credit card. No big bunchy pockets or uncomfortable lining. The materials are technical – featuring quick wick, but without looking like a wind breaker. The look is classic and playful. I’m into it, and I think you will be too. Check out the full collection HERE and tell your favorite boutiques that they need to start carrying Papa Paul Smith here in Sactown.

– brother 

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