hats off to dave brown

nobody does it better

It’s no secret that I love hats. Few things top off an outfit better (both literally and figuratively) than a good hat. With the return of Americana workman culture has come a certain freedom to have a little fun with our accessories as well. No longer are we relegated by fear to another afternoon in a baseball cap. A man about town can stand tall in a pork pie, stingy brim or western without batting an eye.  It’s a new day gentleman, and it’s a good one. 

Bruce Willis in a Dave Brown

With this new flexibility, I started to wondering about those amazingly iconic hats we have seen in the movies over the years. Think James Caan, Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks. These guys have made traditional hats look so cool and modern in countless different roles. With a little research, every avenue seemed to take me back to one unassuming man – Dave Brown. 

Yep, that was a Dave Brown too…

Dave is a Hollywood costuming legend and one of the only true Hatters in the US. The man makes his goods exclusively using American Beaver and makes each individual piece by hand using tools that have been passed down from hat maker to hat maker for over 100 years. Pretty amazing stuff. It is this authentic old school dedication that has attracted fans like Johnny Depp, Paul Newman and Alec Baldwin. The man has serious style – and while a bit more expensive than your store bought hat, his are the pieces that will last a life time and wind up in the closet of your grandson one day. Contact Dave Brown HERE

– brother

love the color and scope of the brim on this one

The “Stingy Brim” – This is what I want. 


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