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and it takes a village

Major thank you’s are in order to one of my favorite blogs Cool Hunting for introducing me to the online community at Thaylor. Listen up folks, ’cause this is really something unique and cool. Thaylor is a collaborative effort of artists, designers, stylists, musicians and more who utilize one central online community ( to share information, ideas, inspiration and just really anything that the community members find worth sharing. As is true of any community worth mentioning, there is also a market place where visitors can buy merchandise from a variety of different community members as well as find Thaylor original t-shirts and sweatshirts.

The items for sale are limited and edited and to date are fairly random. On the same page you can buy a clock and a wallet and a pair of high top sneakers. The common thread however, is that each item available is beautifully designed and impossibly smart looking. I just can’t get enough. Take a look at some of brothers buys below and then get your buying bootie to their community HERE to show some love to this uncoventional online city.

– brother

simple eye hole snaps – on a thin brushed cotton henley.

I know, it’s not clothing. But I just love this clock.

 Hummel High tops. I gasped. Literally.

Can a backpack be sexy? YES. This is a sexy rucksack.

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