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gasp – a real woman on the cover of French Elle

This chick is hot. Seriously. Remember her name,  Robyn Lawley. She is curvy, beautiful and tall – reminiscent of Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley in the mid 90’s – stunning. Is it me or does this not feel like one of the glamazon magazine covers we grew up looking at? Back then women were women, they shook what their mama’s gave them and they had no reason to apologize for it. They represented power, femininity and an athletic healthy lifestyle. I honestly haven’t seen a more exciting model on a cover of a magazine in years. Great news right? There’s more . . .

The big story in the modeling world this week isn’t that this incredible beauty is finally getting noticed, but rather that this knock out is an Australian size 14 (12 in the US) and is the first “plus sized model” to take the cover of a major fashion mag. Not only did she take the cover, but she commands 10 pages inside! While I am happy to hear that Elle has made this choice to showcase a woman who isn’t a size zero, I can’t help but wonder how a woman this incredibly hot could be considered “plus size”. What is that telling women? Better yet, what is that selling women? Shouldn’t Robyn Lawley be the “model” for women in fashion, and the emaciated crack head look-alikes be considered something else? Maybe minus-sized models? Premies?

According to frockwriter, Lawley isn’t slowing down any time soon. She is set to cover another even more prestigious fashion mag in the near future (granted for a plus sized story) but is currently the it girl in fashion and poised to make a major splash in the fashion main stream – i.e. America. I hope the hype is true.

While I’m not a fan of super skinny, I am also not interested in showcasing overweight people either. Often people want to go to extremes in combating the super-thin fashion standard by demanding to see examples of women who are significantly overweight. I think that this notion is just as irresponsible as those pushing size negative two girls. The point here should be HEALTHY. Robyn Lawley represents to me a woman that is fit, beautiful and womanly. Her body sells the clothes she’s wearing perfectly and honestly seems much more relatable to the consumer.  I hope that the commerce minded members of the fashion community take note of that fact and that the images we see on the daily begin to reflect a new emphasis on women who are truly aspirationally beautiful. Run out and buy French Elle. 

– brother


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