kitsune battle royale

autumn/winter 2011 edition

I know what you’re thinking – it’s totes ridic to already be thinking about cold weather clothes when we are just finally beginning to feel spring. Sorry my friends, but that is just the way the fashion cookie crumbles – try to keep up. One of the fun parts about the change of season is the always fun and weird “battle” Frenchie design house Kitsune puts out each year. I must say that they are stepping up their game each year branching out from fairly safe and basic garments to some items that push the boudaries of structure and even humor. I’m loving the skort (yes I said it) and those two toned pierre hardy shoes are completely off the chain. 

kill it in a skort HERE


Check the video below for the official “battle” or see my faves in picture form below. If you love and have to have go online to buy HERE – unfortch this company has yet to explode in the US with only a few stores carrying their stuff in NY and LA. The good news is you’ll be the only daring vixen walking down J street in a sultry skort. Go get it gurl. 

– brother


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