i am: gentleman. philosopher. pervert. rebel.

the new rules of a renaissance man

G.P.P.R. It’s an acronym meant to represent the many personalities of the modern renaissance man. He’s “gentleman by day, philosopher by night, pervert by choice and rebel by fate” – or so the credo goes. Basically the GPPR man is a complicated son of a b*tch. This new line by the gals at Hellz Bellz hopes to tap into the multi-faceted ethos of the fashion minded man of today. The current collection is an unusual mix of structured jackets, button ups and t-shirts with a rockabilly flavor that screams wicker park Chicago or Brooklyn NY. If we’re following the acronym, this line is very much R for Rebel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See what I mean? If you ask me, these are the kind of clothes I want to wear when I’m not stuck in a suit at work.  They evoke the kind of casual cool that only a confident man on his day off can pull off. With pieces named for such diverse icons as Arnold Palmer, Bob Marley and Desmond Decker – it seems clear that the common thread here is exactly that quiet confidence that all three men carried. The clothes are understated, unique and versatile. They are also pretty affordable. Now for the best part – You don’t have to buy online to get this stuff in your closet! Aaron over at First Edition has all the best pieces in stock at his impeccably edited shop. Get over to 25th and J,  tell him brother sent you and support local! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

– brother


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  1. We have G.P.P.R. coming in this Fall!!

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