tie-up get down.

the technicolor dream belt is here!

You know the feeling – you’re already in a rush, wheeling your black roller bag with a wonky wheel through the security line, dropping your wallet on the ground as you balance your starbucks and wrestle your laptop out of it’s case to be ran through the security scanner. Traveling is Glam but getting on that plane is the pits. Just when you think you’ve gotten yourself in order, waived along to walk through the detector, bam – one last slap in the face, you need to remove your belt.  This oddly intimate requirement is twa’s not so subtle way of telling you “we own you … bitch”.

Tie-Ups is here to tell you, the degradation is over. You don’t have to take it anymore! These fun and flexible belts from Italy are made completely of recycled materials and are undetectable to a metal detector. Not only this, but unlike your highly yucky leather belt (think of all the places it goes :/) it is anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic and 100% washing machine safe. These fun little accessories can be found in traditional, skinny and kids and come in all sorts of colors and transparents. Tie-ups even offers a line of customizable belts for those that want to get their create on. No, they aren’t for the workplace or anything like that, but for a day of shopping or an afternoon at the park, I think this pop of color is a welcomed change to the environmentally terrible leather tradition. Get yours HERE.


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2 Responses to tie-up get down.

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  2. Jack says:

    You know sister, I enjoyed this post so much that I blogged about it (and some other blog posts on the same topic) on my own website. Thank you for writing it.

    P.S. I’d be interested to hear what your thoughts are of my own blog post on the subject. – cars2scrap.

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