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RYAN HAMMONDS OF R. DOUGLAS CUSTOM CLOTHIER. So, it’s no surprise, my husband and I like clothes. Okay, so I might like them a bit more than he does, but still. When I met my husband, he was schlepping through the halls of the Capitol in Armani, Dolce and occasionally, Tom Ford; and usually in a pinstripe with suspenders hidden underneath. He liked high end (still does), but sometimes the high end didn’t fit his broad shoulders or his impossibly long legs and short torso. This is, as we see it, one of the underlying issues in men’s fashion. There is only so much a tailor can do to make a pre-existing suit fit a man who does not meet the specs of a cookie-cutter sizing chart. After all, don’t we all want our man to look like this? Yes, yes you do.


In the search for the perfect “fit,” my husband has been known to scour the internet for tailors in countries and cities he’s visiting for work (London, San Francisco, Dubai), coming home with hands full of custom pieces that put most mainstream designers to shame and at costs that seriously compete. Some better than others, it has always remained somewhat of a challenge… until now. I will never forget the day he met Ryan Hammonds of R. Douglas Custom Clothier here in our very own Sacramento. He called me, insisting I write a post on the “impeccable” work of Ryan Hammonds. He promoted R. Douglas in a way that only a savvy, professional PR consultant can. I was convinced, but only partly (in a way, that only a professional fashion stylist can be without seeing the garments in the flesh). It didn’t take long, however, for me to join the R. Douglas marketing bandwagon. And let me tell you, this boy’s gonna be big. Period. Some have even compared him to the “next Kiton.”

Ryan understands a man’s need to look stylish and professional and still have a bit of suave going on ’cause we all know, there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Put on a pair of suspenders, if you like, or throw on a three-piece with a vest in a bold color. Sick of the tie? Try a bow tie or an ascot. There really are no limits and there honest to god never should be when it comes to fashion. R. Douglas works with a team of elite tailors that will custom make each piece to fit you like a glove and in any material, pattern or cut you desire and at a very reasonable price. Did I mention he makes house calls? He does. Check out some of his work and don’t forget to tell him Sis|Bro|Husband (haha) sent you.

For more information or to schedule a private consultation:

Ryan Douglas Hammonds



– sister



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