brown is the new black

well ok…no it’s not. but brown is kinda nice right?

I mean, let’s be real – nothing is ever the new black. Black will always be black. No color is more versatile and chic as the original dark nasty. That being said, when life calls for a little variety – and you can’t get super wild n out with the primary colors, why not reach for that little earthly treat – the brown suit. I can’t say that my medium toned olive skin has always shone brightly in brown, but after watching the first two seasons of Mad Men on netflix, my concerns have been put to rest by the impeccable style skills of Sir Don Draper and friends.

Let’s examine this situation above. Classic three button suits, notch lapels, pocket squares and two knowing smirks that say “we know we’re bringing this back – old school”. While I think this look is definitely coolio, I’m not sure it’s ready for the fantastic voyage to today without a little updating. Sorry, couldn’t resist a little 90’s rap comedy. Below are some primo examples of how designers are taking the brown suit and making it modern and cool. You can make this look work with simple sleek accompaniment – think white and blue fitted shirts and contrasting black or brown belts and cap toes. Go for a deep matte brown or transitional earthier tone (closer to khaki or grey). See the pics below to get where I’m going and get to shopping – the brown suit is great for spring/summer and fall/winter. Give it a try, I dare you 😉

– brother

two button by Bottega veneta

rust brown in 3 buttons by Zegna

YSL double breasted blazer

Alfani REDtwo button (these suits are durable and inexpensive – I own two for work!).


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