get lost in lacoste

l!ve gives life to the classic lifestyle brand

Lacoste has long been known for its perfectly waspy prep gear, more fitted and youthful than Ralph, but still not exactly edgy. I’ve been known to rock some Lacoste sneakers and a knit polo or two, but when it comes to a night out with a little funk, I usually have to say “see you later alligator”. Sorry, I had to go there.

L!ve, the latest campaign and reinvention from Lacoste is a prep-rock revolution over the sensibility of the brand that is a graphic, bright smile amidst the muddle of stoic americana regurgitation that has saturated men’s wear the last few years.  I am pumped up t0 say the least. Go to Lacostelive to see the interactive video campaign once you’re done here, but check the commercial below to get with the vibe.

Doesn’t it just make you want to dance around in a bunny costume? no?

Anyway, aside from the branding and campaign, the clothes are great. A mishmash of fitted and patterned sportswear, bespotted bowties, breaker jackets and more it’s like Travie McCoy and Prince Harry shared a closet. I think I’ve found my go-to line for spring/summer and God bless it, it’s not going to break the bank either (the most expensive item is $215.00).  Check some of the inspirimages below and head to their website HERE to go shopping. You’re welcome.

– brother

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