there’s fashion and then there’s fashioned.



I heard about this guy while at an event in South Beach last week. A friend of mine had seen some sneakers he did for the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh in Ocean Drive Magazine and was Jonezing to have him create something for his leather bike bag. The Miami based artist and designer hand paints leather goods like shoes, purses, wallets and belts, creating one of a kind pieces for his clients that stand out. I checked out his website and found some more images online.

The emerging artist is finally gaining recognition on a national scale having recently signed with Lacoste to design some custom sneakers for the brand. I like to call what he does Re- Fresh- Ing. Think about it, he’s taking beautiful items, some already worth thousands of dollars in their own right, and making them priceless. His style is refined yet playful, graphic and fresh. I would love to get a watch band done by this guy.

All I’m saying Sactown is that this guy is primarily out of Miami right now which means if you contact him and get some of your gear hooked up – you’ll be no doubt the only kid on the block with a Logan Real Custom piece. Something tells me that whatever you buy today will be worth a LOT more in the years to come. Get in contact HERE.








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