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That guy up above is a pretty savvy and cool artist that has had me confused and interested for a while. Originally from Canada Marc has lived and designed from New York for years now, gaining notice and recognition with exhibitions in places like my beloved Bellwether gallery (where I first saw his work). Marc is known for taking found objects and images, mixing them with words and phrases from obscure music references and forming an all together new and current message. I say that his work confuses me because with art like his, it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between someone just screen printing a random lyric on a pillow, and an artist truly creating something special. I’ll leave that determination up to you. If nothing else, I seem to usually be attracted to the messages he selects and on a pure esthetic level like the way his composition looks.

The other day I picked up the latest Lil Wayne Album and was pulled in by the t-shirt he is wearing on the cover. His white t says “If the people stare then let the people stare”. I knew immediately that it had to be by Marc. Sure enough, it was. Turns out that Marc has collaborated with Opening Ceremony to make a series of screen print Hanes T-shirts featuring lyrics from bands like the Smiths and Morissey. They are simple, positive and cool. I like the idea of representing the words on a rock t-shirt rather than the rocker. The meat is in the message after all. Check out his looks below and get more info HERE.






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